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Goldie Hawn in her Bathing Suit of the Day

I was walking down the street the other day and saw a mother daughter prostitute combo. They were dressed like classier whores than I was used to, but they were still whores. I could tell because they offered to suck my dick for 100 dollars, and since I’ve always wanted a double blowjob, I had no choice but to stop and inquire about the details. The mom went on about how her and her daughter are down on their luck, they both don’t have jobs and that they are trying to make ends meet. The mother got into hooking years earlier and made a decent life for herself because she really had no choice but to do the things she did. She was a little upset when she found out her 18 year old followed in her footsteps, but after accepting the way things were going to play out, and having no real hate for the profession, she figured she could maximize revenue by working together as a combo fetish deal and she figured since she made her, licking her pussy wasn’t much different than tucking her in at night and reading her a bedtime story.

They reminded me of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, only the mom I was talking to had a way better body than these sloppy pics of Goldie doing us a favor in a one-piece.

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