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Some Singer Named Bethany’s Censored Porn Past of the Day

So some former member of Destiny’s Child that no one remembers has started up some new act that I am not going to bother naming because I am lazy and because no one cares. One of the girls in the group is a singer who goes by the name Bethany and bitch got fired from the group with this news hit. Here’s some of her footage from her porn past where she went by the name PINK and shit will make any producer at the Nature Channel proud. I’m not saying that cuz I am a racist, I’m saying it because I truly believe this bitch is a beast.

In other black sex news, some model named Milani Rose who I have never heard of, but assume she’s a classy black model who either poses half naked with cars, or half naked in low budget hip hop videos/magazines, or maybe even on flyers for hip hop parties or CD Inserts for those dudes who try to sell you their homemade CDs in every major city, you know because she has a fat ass and is the kind of model who probably needs to strip on the side to pay for her baby’s formula.

She used to be a hooker and this is some video of her whoring out that has hit the internet and I don’t think she’s using a condom, I guess you get paid more for that.

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