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Bianca Elouise Nipples of the Day

Bianca Elouise Nipples See Through

Her name is Bianca Elouise .

This is a pretty funny story about a girl trying to promote her own bikini line…

It’s actually a clever enough stunt, only because it involves her nipples.

She went to the store, found the shittiest but most expensive bathing suit, because anyone with a brain knows that the designer clothing they are buying is no different that the fast fashion shit that is a fraction, I’m talking 5 percent of the the price….But thanks to marketing, fear of missing out, full retards…they continue to exist, thrive, etc…

So this girl, who has a huge fucking fat ass on her instagram….picked it up, put it on, and got it wet for the paparazzi she called – because she knew sacrificing her nipple to get a story on Chanel having shit suits, would in turn draw attention to her swim line.

It’s clever because it involves nipples…

It’s not that clever beyond that because the media is easy to manipulate, you just need to barely expose something idiots care about with your tits and they talk about it.

Let’s hope Chanel sues her or offs her…you know like the CIA does to all the people who expose their stories online.

Bianca Elouise Nipples See Through


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