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Noisettes are Singing The Song of the Day

I have this black girl fantasy because black girls represent femininity to me. They have hot asses and they know how to move and they are fertile. Unfortunately, black girls don’t have a similar fantasy about me, so we’ve never really connected on that level and my dick’s never been inside one.
At one point I was so into it that I’ve gone so far as working at KFC to hitting up hiphop clubs to even trying to move to the Caribbean where they’d see me as this guy who can bring them to America cuz shit’s the land of opportunit, making me hot enough to fuck for the advancement of their people….but none of that ever did shit…

So here I am sitting, thinking, about how amazing it would be to by lying in bed listening to a black girl singing into my dick like it was a microphone…a really, really small microphone and this video comes thru my emails and I listen and fall in love… because it’s what Amy Winehouse tries to be while Amy Winehouse is my porn only the real fuckin’ deal, so decide to share it with you…cuz it’s a good fuckin’ song and we all need good songs in the soundrack of our lives…or some shit….

Let’s hope this band gets really famous and remember me as the guy who introduced them to at least 3 people.

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