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Booty Implants of the Day

Girls are fucking retarded….it’s like they think getting a booty will get them the respect they’ve always wanted, maybe a career, or a boyfriend like they were J.Lo when the media was feeding us her ass like it was a gift from god, or Kim Kardashian who has a ridiculous ass that black dude’s love even though all it took was a food and baked goods addiction… I love ass as much as the next pervert, or black guy, or white guy who wants to be a black guy, sure I prefer a nice small round ass you’d find on a 19 year old in a bikini to a fat, hip hop ass you’d find in line at Wal Mart, but I don’t think a bitch should get fucking implants for the shit, especially bootleg implants where they get jacked up with caulking from the hardware store…idiots…seriously fucking idiots….I’d love to have a drink with one of the girls who got this procedure done, I just can’t believe she exists cuz this is just too fucking stupid…

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