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Rita Guedes is Some Brazilian Actress of the Day

Who the fuck was the paparazzi behind this picture, because I don’t understand who would take pictures of a fucking Brazilian actress from the front. See, I’ve never heard of her, but they clearly have so I don’t get why they didn’t get into prime fucking position to get a shot from behind. Brazilian ass is what people want to see and I can only assume her ass is the only reason she’s famous, and I don’t mind seeing her tits in a shirt designed as a titty hammock, but I’d rather see what she’s good at…this is like fucking a girl who you’ve heard gives great head, you see cuz the fact that you’re fucking is alright but the fact you aren’t getting a taste of her fuckin’ skills makes fucking her totally unsatisfying cuz you aren’t getting her best…

Either way, here are the pics….

Pics via Fame

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