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Brigitte Nielsen is Still a Monster of the Day

I don’t know why the fuck I am posting these pictures of this monster….Maybe it is cuz I feel linked to her cuz I saw Flavor Flav Checking Out a Granny Using a Walker Proving He Has No Standards …..or because I feel a bond to all things Sly Stalone fucks…or maybe it’s that I like big girls who can beat me the fuck up and make me feel like their little bitch before inserting me in my entirety in their huge vaginas, like some kind of reverse birth….but the thought of what Brigitte Nielsen’s vagina must look like, is the kind of shit homosexuality is likely based on….and in Sly Stalone’s case, what was responsible for the day fisting became “Bicep-ing” before getting choked the fuck out….true story…

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Brigitte Nielsen is Still a Fucking Monster of the Day

I know some of you like big girls. You know the kind of woman who can lift your pussy body over their head and throw you on the bed to have their way with you…..I am not one of those people. The thought of what Brigitte Nielsen’s vagina looks like after seeing what the rest of her looks like scares me, it is the kind of shit Horror movie monsters are based on, and I don’t see how this could have ever been a sex icon, if anything the only thing that does makes sense is if Sly Stallone used to fuck her with his bicep back when they were married….because no penis touches these vagina walls and if they do she pins them in some submissive hold and chokes them the fuck out….

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