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Brittney Jones in her Bikini Showing Tit of the Day

Here’s some bitch who Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with…or at least claimed he cheated on Demi Moore with showing off her sloppy body in a bikini showing nipple for attention…cuz the legacy that is releasing a sex tape after claiming to have fucked Kutcher….a sex tape that I posted the preview to and that Buy Here ….and these pics are just as fake and staged as the sex in her shitty sex tape…


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Brittney Jones Sex Tape Preview of the Day

I don’t really know who this bottom feeder is, but I do know that you will probably like watching her fuck, cuz watching girls fuck, no matter who they are, or how hot they are, or how big their pussy lips are, is always a good time.

The rumor is that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with this girl, but there’s no actual proof,because last time I checked Ashton Kutcher was a fucking faggot who old dates a woman old enough to be his mom cuz her dried up old lady pussy feels and smells like a male prostitutes HIV anus….and no matter how much plastic surgery she gets, or training she does, she’ll always be the pussy that created her troll daughter, and a fresh coat of paint won’t change scientific proof…

What it comes down to is that Brittney Jones did what any girl addicted to the attention she got when the Ashton story hit, she’s alright looking, I mean considering she’s not in her 50s, and she’s lucky Demi didn’t try to suck the youth out of her, cuz that is apparently something she does.

I hate the Kutchers and the Kutchers hate me…. at least according to Twitter ….when I was one of 8 people he was blocking….

Ashton Kutcher did everything in his power to get his name taken off any promotion of the DVD, cuz apparently they were saying “this is what Ashton may have experienced” and good or not, I am sure it’s better than what that cunt Demi has to offer…which isn’t say much…but is saying something about her inadequacies…


To See The Rest of the Sex Tape – Follow This Link

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