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Calista Flockheart in a Bikini of the DAy

Harrison Ford’s wife Calista Flockheart brought out her skinny little body….that is now a middle aged slim fat mom…and not the Aly McBeal (the only job she’s ever had) body that got so much hate because she was conscious and didn’t eat…like girls are supposed to do to maintain some level of sex appeal….right?

Well she’s in a bikini and for some reason, bikinis are to me, what cake is to my fat wife…I just can’t turn away or stop looking…even when I probably should…not that I should ever look away from a half naked woman of any shape, level of fame, or form…that would be against my way of life….against all that I know…against everything that is real…


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Calista Flockheart Pasties in a See Thru Dress of the Day

Calista Flockheart was in a see-through dress…she wore pasties cuz she probably knew the dress was see through because I guess it’s a bigger deal if the world sees her nipples…maybe because her nipples are fucked up or ugly looking and she wants to keep them private…or maybe because showing off nipple makes a bitch a slut….and who really fucking knows…because with or without the nipple pasties…I can still tell that despite her skinny ass…she’s still got saggy tits….

It always amazes me when skinny as fuck bitches gain a little weight, or get a little pregnant, or who finally give up on the eating disorder enough to grow some tit, only to never have any perkiness you’d expect them to have. I see it all the time on crackheads….Maybe it is because there’s no muscle mass to hold her shit up…or maybe because she’s weak and sloppy and who really cares….this is Calista Flockheart…She doesn’t matter…..

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