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Carolina Cruz in a Cheesy Swimsuit Catalog Shoot of the Day

I would say that 95 percent of the time I see a lingerie or swimsuit catalog shoot, no matter who the model is, the pictures are cheesy as fuck….

Now I don’t know who Carolina Cruz is, but I’ll assume not related to Penelope Cruz, and I don’t care how hot she looks in a bikini…and I don’t know who the swim company is, and I don’t care how much they spent on this..I just know that there’s nothing hot, interesting, or even good about these pics…even with the half naked girl in it…

They remind me of some cheesy flea market pervert with a camera luring girls for glamour shots because it’s his weirdo fetish..only those flea market pics would have probably been better concept..because perverts, even talentless perverts, who produce shitty pervert photos, with no real vision or talent – can do better than this…I know because I am one of those guys…but my iPhone always throws off my fake studio set up…come it was a free upgrade…baby…who needs real cameras…it’s the instagram era…

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