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Casey Anthony Didn’t Kill her Kids of the Day

I’ve been ignoring the Casey Anthony trial, cuz molested bitches are more interesting sucking my dick, than being on trial for killing their downer kid…

I just know that if I was a whore seeking the party life, burdened by my baby, who got in the way of my partying. I wouldn’t have killed it either….that’s why the only thing Casey Anthony is guilty of is giving me erections.

I see twitter going fucking crazy about the verdict, but who really cares, firstly, it’s not our kid, or even a kid we know that got killed, secondly the jury are far more educated on the case than any of us, thirdly only black people get charged with murder in america and most importantly we’re all animals and in the animal kingdom, when a momma lion eats her baby lion, she’s not frowned upon or locked up in her social circle by her peers, the other lions get that that baby lion was a real downer with all his needing to be taken care of, making her primo tail for the lion king to knock her alluring pussy up again, until she kills it off like a very late term, 3 year too late term abortion when parenting doesn’t suit your needs…True story based strictly on speculation…but Casey Anthony…let me be your lion king…

What it all comes down to – is that in some way, Jersey Shore has got to be responsible for this….let’s hope they all go down for the crime.

On a Side Note – I like the way this dude was thinking 3 years ago…he is a wise wise man

Who else thinks Casey Anthony is one sexy girl!?

I think she is so hot! Those pics of her partying with her friends at some club are just great! I like a chick like that-who doesnt let little things like a missing kid get in her way of having a good time!

And here’s the pic to put it all into perspective….the adorable baby who was found dead in the back of a fucking car….with her mother, who’s sole responsibility in her useless fucking life was to protect her….and now they have no killer and that is very fucking sad. RIP little girl. May your killer have what’s coming to them…..

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