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Catt Sadler’s Pubic Hair of the Day


Who the fuck is Catt Sadler…and why am I loving her landing strip? Probably because I love all landing strips…I am a bush loving, pubic hair loving, kind of guy and nothing upsets me more about a pussy than when I find out it has been shaved, because it shows that a girl is lazy, by pretending that she “loves having no hair”…when really she just loves not taking the time to shape her natural vagina accessory..and dudes who are against hair, are just brainwashed…because real dudes will fuck anything…hairy or not…

The good news is that porn, and fashion, and pretty much everything is bringing the bush back to me…so that I can be complete again…and really that’s all I want for my birthday…bush….

So I may not know what Catt Sadler is…but I know enough to like her…


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Some Pussy at an Event I wasn’t Invited to of the Day

This is some Cosmo man of the year award that I wasn’t nominated for, hell I wasn’t even invited to the shit, cuz to these media people I don’t even exist, except when they send me their bullshit email blasts hoping I plug their garbage smut for free, cuz they like keeping all the money in thier bank accounts, instead of sharing…cuz to them…sharing isn’t caring…mooching off a motherfucker is….

I am sure they awarded some bullshit mainstream man of the minute, you know cuz his PR people made them, cuz all this shit is staged, I’ve worked in the back room at a magazine before and their top 100 list was all decided for by the editors and whoever brought the best perks. Bullshit…

That said here is some pussy I’d like to taste but can’t cuz I wasn’t there and they were, cuz they are more important than me….

Mila Kunis is always good….even in lesbian, non-sexy, conservative Hilary Clinton pantsuits that is so bad it could lead a husband to fuck Monica Lewinsky…

Catt Sadler is unknown to me…but I’m already a fan of her tits…so I may google her…if I remember to…but right now I’m too busy hinking about saddlin’er and riding her into the sunset..

That said, maybe next year will be my year…maybe next year, I’ll get a fucking invite. Not that I’d go…I generally don’t leave my house….which gives them even more reason to invite me…it won’t cost them shit or take up one of their fucking seats….Assholes.

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