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Celeste Bright Underboob of the Day

Celeste Bright Underboob Panties

Celeste Bright keepign things bright. I’m sure she never heard that one since she decided to change her stripper name to Bright…

She claims to be a legit model and she is apparently repped by a legit modeling agency thanks to probably fucking one of the agents so he was like “alright I’ll bring you deals if you suck this dick”….because last I checked, girls who squat in fuck me boots wearing panties, or women doing pantyhose fetish porn are typically trying to sell subscriptions to their porn sites, and not brand deals.

I am not hating on the whore, I mean this is the look all the girls have, this is the style all the girls have, if anything I’m wondering why it took so long for the mainstream to encourage all girls to be like this.

Back in the day it was only a small percentage of woman willing to whore out….now it’s fucking everyone.

I mean models of the 90s or 2000s would never be doing shoots like this for fear of being dropped by brands and agencies, but now it is encouraged to get them to that 1,000,000 fans.

She looks so fucking low level and trashy and probably is….but lucky for her, old rich guys like slutty girls with followers…so her rent will always be paid.

All these IG models are going to get real ugly and broke…if this virus continues on it’s path of destruction…

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