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I am – Cerina Vincent Tits of the Day


I have never heard of this girl and it doesn’t really matter because she has some tits on her and I am one of those guys who can see past a shitty personality, a dumpy ass, a little extra fat in the gunt for a good set of cans. I was rocking facebook earlier this week and came across some L.A. socialite’s you’ve never heard of, one of them responded to me and I added her to AIM. We got to talking and she was a little thrown off by a random 35 year old dude chatting her up. I tried using the site to get her comfortable, but it didn’t get me very far. It turned out she was a 15 year old model who parties with Paris Hilton. She blocked me when I asked her if she’s banged anyone famous, because 15 year old girls take that shit a lot more seriously than I do. Either way, she’s pretty much an unknown and is just getting started, but it goes to show you that I don’t know everything, so this Cerina bitch could be famous but for now – just look at those cans.

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