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Charlotte Dawson’s Titty Tape of the Day

I have no idea who Charlotte Dawson is, but I figured if she’s a trashy looking UK personality with her tits out, she’s worth looking at, because there’s something nostalgic about those UK trashcan celebrities that always have their tits out for the paparazzi, even though you have no idea who the fuck they are, but usually do something bootleg enough to get into Daily Maul…..maybe reality star, I AM A CELEBRITY NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF GET ME OUT OF HERE< glamour model, or sex worker, or date soccer players, or in this case marry and breed with a Rugby player named Matthew Sarsfield..... This one is apparently an actress who played DREAM GIRL in 2015's ROUGH AND READY..... EXACTLY.. Anyway, she has her nipple tape out and that's something to look at, I guess....

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Charlotte Dawson Pussy Flash Upskirt of the Day


Check out this slut…she doesn’t even wear panties…because it’s suffocates her polluted pussy and presses aggressively against her rash, scabs and really doctor’s orders are to air it out….or maybe it’s because she just wants to shove dicks inside her as fast as possible, because she’s just that kind of whore, who is trying to fill that pussy up as fast as she can, as often as she can, because she’s just having fun…..or maybe she’s just aware the paparazzi are there, and if you flash your pussy people will talk about your pretty much obsolete ass…./pussy…

Or maybe she just really doesn’t want a panty line, but I like to think all whores have a bigger scale plan….beyond just panty lines…but maybe I’m giving her too much credit…

I googled Charlotte Dawson, apparently she killed herself last year by suicide and was a judge on Australia Next Top Model…I guess she’s back from the dead….I guess her want to show her bald pussy was just too powerful to keep her in the grave…and I guess in that case, she looks good for a corpse…


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