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Pre-Sex Change Smut of the Day

Cher you’ve done well. I wish I had a mother who fucked me up enough to wanna cut off my dick.

I guess we don’t need to go into the psychological weirdness of getting a sex change and should celebrate her weird dyke tits for the little amount of time we have left with them because she’s getting them cut off and re-molded into a ball sace.

I guess we could always go into finding out who raped her as a child, makin’ her hate dick so much to never fuck one, but not enough to not want one to do some raping on her own, but I guess we shoould just focus back on her dyke pussy that’s about to get sewed the fuck up, because despite having’ seen one dick and a whole lot of dolphin shaped dildos, it’s almost a virgin pussy, sure it’s not a 15 year old who hasn’t got her period yet vigin pussy, but at least it’s legal virgin pussy.

I know you’d love to grab some burgers with this monster, and by grab burgers I mean pussy huntin’….

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