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Cher Lloyd Panty Flash in LA of the Day

X-Factor winning, prison tatted, British poptart named Cher Lloyd, who I assume no one really cares about cuz I’ve never heard of her, and I am the meter of relevance….has gone all American and in doing so figured her best strategy was to show some leopard print panties you know that she wore on purpose to make some fucking noise, have some kind of impact, and not waste her money spent on a flight, because everyone knows all panty flashes no matter how insignificant you are, will end up on the internet…I mean why else would she go leopard print….it’s obviously to showcase how wild and crazy she is, you know to support those prison tattoos….all ready to fucking expose herself….for money….awesome..

Here’s the horrible performance…

To See The Rest of Cher Lloyd Panties

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