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Amanda Bynes’ Retard Face Snobs Homeless Guy in Video of the Day

Here’s a video of Amanda Bynes and her cunt friend ignoring a homeless guy in a wheelchair as they jump into her 60,000 dollar car. Her raspy friend who I’ll call “The Jew” says “Sorry, excuse me”, pretty much a passive aggressive “Ew, you’re gross, fuck off”, to the homeless guy as her begs desperately for some change, asking them to have a heart,which I guess he figured out, they don’t have because they are vapid little hollywood cunts who think they are hotter than they actually are.

Sure Amanda Bynes hasn’t worked in a long time and her groupie’s only job has been working her way into Amanda Bynes’ entourage, hoping for the tail-end of her fame, so they were too pre-occupied to hear his screams of serious hunger and pain.


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