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Chris O’Dowd Tweets His Wife in Lingerie of the Day

Chris O’Dowd is the Irish guy in the movie Bridesmaids, and Dawn Porter is his new wife, who he married last week, who is a published writer, documentary film maker, podcaster and all round productive perosn, who when stripped down for free in a twitpic, is really nothing more than a half naked girl I don’t envy the husband of, cuz when you’re in Bridesmaids, you can pretty much fuck every American groupie under the age of 35, instead of being locked down to this….even this may stimulate him on an emotional level or intellectual level cuz she’s all fucking eager to produce shit….it just doesn’t make sense…don’t these people realize every married person hates their fucking life? Either way, here’s his wife in lingerie, cuz staring at someone else’s wife in lingerie is better than staring at your own wife…

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