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The Christian Bale Freak Out Song of the Day

You all know that Christian Bale had a freak out the other day on set, it’s been all over the place and I don’t even own a TV and know about it, so I figure you’ve all heard it. Anyway,if you haven’t because if I didn’t have this site, I probably wouldn’t have heart it either, he went insane on some dude who was working on set because he ruined a shot and Bale is a diva and doesn’t know how to treat people with respect. I don’t care who was in the wrong or how important Bale thinks he is because he’s some big star who was in the zone and got thrown out of character or was in character which I assume will be his excuse, you still have a responsibility to not be a little pussy cry baby.

Someone remixed the tantrum and I figured I’d post it because it makes for an easy post and I am lazy. Sure the song is nothing I’d listen to, and sure it’s just some guy trying to be famous, who spent the night editing this shit up, but that’s a lot more effort than I’ve ever putt into anything, so why not give him a little exposure, since that’s what he wants, since there are thousands of other things I am sure people would want to hear sampled.

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