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Christiane Seidel for Boardwalk Empire of the Day

Big moves for Christiane Seidel….this is her big break…and it involves her getting naked…but the real question is how naked did she have to get the opportunity to get naked on TV…her IMDB reads like the back of a cocktail napkin…a few smeared credits that may seem substantial to non actors at the party…”oh wow, you were on an episode of Law & Order, I watch that show sometimes”….but that are in fact totally irrelevant….meaning making this naked on TV shit come true took some hustle…and now she can be proud the world or at least the part of the world that watches Boardwalk Empire has seen her tits….I hear it is a lasting performance that won’t be forgotten….and really I just like naked on TV….cuz long gone are the days of jerking off to Thighmaster infomercials and that’s a good thing….

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