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Chuck Berry Sex Tape To Celebrate his Life of the Day

Most of you faggots probably know Chuck Berry as the godfather or the forefather or the grandfather of rock and roll….with his Johnny Be Good song, because he was so bad…

But I know him from this rumored sex tape, as the creepy uncle, godfather, rockstar with too much money, who makes hookers kiss his asshole while he farts…or who pisses on them…because he pays them and why the fuck wouldn’t he….that’s part of being a sex worker for rich guys…you gotta do things you may not be into…just another day at the office shit…

I don’t know if this is actually him, but the fact that I see tribute posts linking this video makes me laugh…it’s like let’s boil down this iconic guitar player who innovated or at least that’s what they say…a generation or really the history of music…to some VHS tape of him pissing on some slut..

I love it.

RIP you 90 year old I assumed was dead in the 70s….who lived until this weekend pervert..

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