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Coco’s Twitter Porn of the Day

I love how Coco’s twitter account info says something about how she’s been married 8 years going strong, because clearly she’s only used to dudes who date her by the hour, or even the song and that 8 years is fucking huge for her, despite the fact that now she makes more money, has more fame, gets more of her favorite tacky sex shop outfits and doesn’t have to wait til they go on special,because her John pays her by the week on salary and its more than she got working the stage or street or whatever gutter she crawled out of….

She posted these pics of herself on twitter of her tanning in Florida, a state I’m sure she considers paradise, because all the trashy chicks I know look like Coco and live in Florida Trailer Parks with alligator wrestling husbands and the whole thing confuses me because her tits are so fucking disgustingly fake, but since tits only make up a third of a woman, the rest of a woman is made up in ass and pussy, so maybe those shits are not as mangled or tampered with, but I doubt it….Here are the pics..

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