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OnlyFans Model Courtney Tailor Charged with Murder’s Elevator Brawl Video of the Day

Bitches be crazy!

I’ve been pretty consistent in saying that Social Media has been and will be the fall of society, people just don’t know how to handle it, how to separate it from real life, how to not be influenced or even controlled by it…….then there’s the whole only fans thing that validates their slutty for attention behavior with cold hard cash that is oftentimes outragous as fuck levels of cash all for barely solid nudes…when you couple this with all the SSRIs these people are on, all the porn they are exposed to, all the low grade pop culture movies and music, all the shitty education available, you end up with these living, breathing, walking, fucking, half naked, baad sexting disasters……

So it was only a matter of time before one of these empty, vapid, attention seeking, clout chasing whores committed murder.

Her name is Courtney Tailor on OnlyFans, and she was officially charged in the murder of her boyfriend yesterday.

The incident happened in April, where she claimed to be acting in self defence when she stabbed the motherfucker, which he ended up dying from…..what a wimp, killed by a girl……and back in February there’s video of her attacking him, because as we all know……bitches be crazy.

I’ve been seeing #MenToo trending, because of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and now this story to help the toxic males get out of the “most hated gender” where dudes are cutting off their own dicks to NOT be men, knowing it’s bad for business, because women can be abusive too, you know every dude who has ever beat his wife has said “SHE MADE ME DO IT, SHE IS NUTS” only to be booked and labelled an abuser…well, looks like the tables are turning on the harlots, the black widows, the demonic hot chicks who control us with their cunts……and all it took was one of them to kill her boyfriend, a black man, like she was Derek Chauvin….to get that Outrage.

I don’t believe any news stories, I think they are all fake, planted and by design to shift the mnds of the people, but I’ll buy into an ONLYFANS Murder, why the fuck not….but she is an ACTOR…so FAKE…

Now, all you need to do is find out where she’ll be living out her sentence, assuming she’s a real person, so that you can commit a crime in the district and cry transgender so that you can knock her up, cuz clearly she’s a keeper, because passion that leads to killing, means great in bed……

Here are some pics – what a waste of a willing whore – I blame the internet!

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