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Criss Angel Performs His Most Dangerous Lie of the Day

The video was removed so I posted this shitty one instead…

I hate Criss Angel, maybe because magic is for creepy perverts who are trying to figure out the best way to be around kids as much as they can, or maybe it’s the fact that he dresses like every fucking chachi I hate in line at lame clubs, only this motherfucker is 40 years old or maybe it’s because I have seen some of his stupid tricks and they are all lies, and pretty fucking obvious lies and I don’t like being lied to, especially when it’s by a girl I’m about to fuck without a condom who says she’s clean an on the pill, when she’s not…not that ever happens, but has and it sucked.

This video is the whole “Dangerous” stunt of him trying to escape an imploding building, it was supposed to be live because they say it’s live and dude got “caught” inside and went down with the building making everyone think he died. It was pretty exciting and happy times and just as I was ready to move on to hating other molesting magicians, like this asshole who lives down the street from me, the asshole mind fucked me and walked out of the rubble only to disappoint a lot of haters.

It’s pretty likely that the struggle we all saw was pre-recorded as he took the elevator down to safety, to have a cocktail, do his hair and get made-up, get fucked up the ass like a greek that he is and he is unfortunately still around to mind fuck idiots everywhere again. It is pretty fucking disappointed. Watch the clip.

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