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Natasha Richardson Can’t Ski of the Day

I wrote about going up to the woods and poppin’ bottles with models, you know by running through the forrest hunting racoons because I had no real poon and they looked soft, plentiful and easy to seduce, all you need is a little kitchen garbage and I always smell like kitchen garbage.

Anyway, I just got word from my friend who lives up there, that some famous chick was at the ski hill that I walked through Sunday afternoon lookin for quarters to get home and check out rich ski bunnies since I was hungover and it was a nice day.

So I googled the shit and it turns out that it was Natasha Richardson, who I didn’t really know, but who I have heard of and who is married to Liam Neeson.

Anyway, she fell, was airlifted and now the couple are a couple minutes away from me, her in critical condition with brain damage and Neeson seeing his life crash before his eyes. I should go for an exclusive, I know a doctor at that hospital, but I’m not a news source and you don’t really care about this, you insensitive pricks. Wear your helmets…

Here’s the story

Here’s some older pics of her at some event showin some pant. That’s what my UK brethren call underwear….

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