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The Georgetown Cuddler is Amazing of the Day

This dude is the single greatest sex offender I have come across. Just yesterday I was telling this hot chick I was walking down the street with that it’d be amazing to randomly hug people, you know just videotape us walking up to random people from behind and giving them a real solid fuckin’ hug, something loving that you’d expect to get from an old friend, just to see their reaction, but this weirdo, the Georgetown Cuddler, took it to the next fucking level, snuck into beds at night and cuddled up to single girls and that deserves a fuckin’ toast, or even a minor celebration cuz that is on some whole other level that I wish I was creepy enough to be on but still feel like I connect with…Especially since “Cuddles” used to be my obnoxious catch phrase when ripping into people online…

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