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Dagny Paige TITTY of the Day

Dagny Paige is some girl from instagram with 45,000 followers, which I guess isn’t a lot compared to the other whores out there. She confidently tells people she’s a model, it’s a tactic to convince the world into thinking that she’s a model…and maybe her business as a model will be lucrative, making her instagram a glimpse into her model life…

Well to those 45,000 people….here’s her tit they’ve probably been wanting to see in her slutty bikini pics…because it’s just a tit, that’s how they angle it…but it’s so much more than a tit…it’s a marketing tool..to get a higher level of being noticed….even in this era of tits everywhere..

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Dagny Paige Titty Shoot of the Day

Her name is Dagny Paige, probably pronounced “DANNY BUT THE G IS SILENT” unless Dag-Knee is a legitimate name in which case she’s lucky she’s hot…cuz if you’re a fat acne ridden pig of a woman with a name like Dag Knee…it’d be more of a curse than anything, not a cute thing, a rough gutter sounding thing.

She’s in a nude shoot as she tries to grow her instagram as these women do….

I like to call them out, because the hustle is so obvious, basic, low level, uninventive…it’s like “I’ll just how my tits”…where that I just want more than that, more effort, less laziness…navigate, cocktease, play the scene harder…instead of just showing tit….

Sure I love the tit shoots, tits everywhere, but it’s a sign of the times, people don’t like to work, don’t like to put effort in, and just getting naked is a fine way to get ahead easily, but when everyone is getting naked, I am desensitized and need more.

I will say that we can’t neglect the simple fact that there are old rich perverts who are into this, like Ben Affleck, who doesn’t care if a whore is a whore is a whore, he just cares that they are long, look good, and feed his old drunken ego.

So we can point and laugh, or judge, or criticize a girls hustle, cuz I shouldn’t know what her tits look like this early in her career…unless it was for something substantial, like a ground breaking, career defining role, which this is not…

So I expect more cocktease…I am not saying I don’t want to see every girl naked, that’s the whole basis of my life existence, but I’m from an era where I couldn’t see every girl naked, which was a nice thing to experience so that when you do see a girl naked, it’s a thing, a big deal, even if it only costs you a few dollars at the stripclub…but the key to that was not seeing all the girls you wanted to see topless…driving you to the stripclub to see the girls you can see topless.

What I am trying to say is….yes tits get hits, it’s easy, but cocktease us more….and the funniest thing in all this is that I follow this girl on Instagram and had no idea until a minute ago…because I guess tits make us care.

She is hot.

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