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Sophie Mudd and Daisy Keech Bikini of the Day

I don’t know shit about shit, but I do know that Sophie Mudd was a bit titty girl who did all the share for shares with the other sluts on instagram to get a huge following, because men are simple and when you have big tits that works…

She ended up getting serious, trying to have a legit career as a who the fuck knows, but she wasn’t exploiting her tits despite them being massive and designed to take her to the top of the food chain, sometimes people turn their back on their true calling because they just don’t want to believe.

That all changed with OnlyFans, when girls started making 1,000,000 a month, because everyone has a price..

Daisy Keech on the other hand was known for her ass, was huge on TikTok and could have really gone anywhere with what she was doing, but instead of pulling their reins back on sexual content to become a TikTok dancer, she said fuck it, got some tits and launched an OnlyFans, you know direct line to the cash.

Together, they are posing in bikinis, maybe an ad for their fan accounts, maybe a the intro scene to their sex tape, I don’t know, but the boobs are big….REAL vs fake.and the content is slutty enough to remind us how silly our culture has become….we’ve always had Glmour models with their tits out, now everyone is a Glamour model with their tits out, but we can jerk off to it…so maybe that’s the whole point….


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Sophie Mudd Bikini Tits of the Day

Sophie Mudd, the tits….has found a friend who plays the ass, that is definitely thee way you’d want to cast your orgy…..”we need some monster tits – CHECK”….”we need a fat ass – CHECK”….because it’s just too hard to find a set of monster tits with a rockin ass, GOD is reasonable in his allocation of over the top body parts we want to fuck…so you gotta always have a bitch on your roster for the tits, a bitch on your roster for the ass, a bitch on the roster who cooks, a bitch on your roster who sucks dick proper….it’s like building a winning team, even when you’re a loser….you can try….or at last have “fantasy league”.

The fact is, if you’re build like Sophie Mudd, you are really reduced to being a host body to titties, she has no choice, like she looked in the mirror and said, I guess I’ll do what you tell me to do, as you are the boss of my every move, and the only reason for my existence…kinda like when you find a stray cat and decide to give it a home….only you can fuck the tits without them dying…except maybe of shame and humiliation….or suicide, but you get the point….at least I hope you do…because I forgot what I was saying.


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Daisy Keech in Lingerie of the Day

Daisy Keech is some LA based 21 year old who got famous on TikTok because she was affiliated with some bullshit called the “Hype House” which was a house funded, probably bay a Chinese Communist Party Nationalist, where they sent a bunch of the TikTok stars to live amongst each other and basically produce TikTok’s all day for money…

She is no longer part of the marketing house that she was credited as being a co-founder of, but has gone onto other money making things like a PREMIUM FAN SITE…where she gets half naked for money…a noble reason to get half naked…even if we’ve grown accustomed to the free nudes all these girls were producing for likes and follows…before realizing “shit I can get paid for this”…

She’s known for her booty…so this is her booty….

The good news is that being nude or half nude or monetizing your nudes is considered cool, or that you’re an idiot if you don’t…because even with all her TIKTOK followers and her 10k per TIKTOK branded post, she’s more into the selling nude shit…and that’s fucking great for all of us into looking at nudes…

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Daisy Keech Potentially Nude in the Shower

I don’t know if this is Daisy Keech or not, I barely know who Daisy Keech is. She’s basically a racy girl who is pulling the shameless booty content on social media, that for obvious reasons went viral on TikTok since China knows the content America needs to be too distracted to do anything but stare at idiotic content of dance….it makes these people rich but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dumb..

Anyway, Keech was in something called the Hype House, with other TikTok stars who lived together cross promoting, and has gone onto do Only Fans content because the fans are only here for the nudes, and the good news is that she’s actually getting naked, all the other “influencers” turned only fans girls aren’t actually getting naked but are COLLECTING all the loser money from the losers who follow them and dream about dating them so they in turn support them financially in exchange for nudes…it’s a modern business model instead of just waiting for brands to throw money at them…I get it, it’s low level sex work, and when they do it like all the other girls of the internet selling nudes….it’s nothing to hate on, it’s a hustle…

I don’t know if this is Keech in the shower, but if it is she deserves the potentially millions she’s making off you idiots..since everyone is a whore, everyone has a price, everyone is into being jerked off to I guess, it’s the generation….and these are the leaders of tomorrow…

This may not be Daisy Keech…I barely know who Keech is….but I am sure whoever is running her OnlyFans will email me to take this down because they want to keep the lie that she’s actually messaging people and not some random dudes in INDIA alive…their cash grab relies on it.

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