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Daniella Monet for Snapchat of the Day


Apparently this Daniella Monet girl is in some show called Nancy Drew, because Hollywood can’t figure out new things to produce, and must remake tried, tested and true stories…because it is easier.

I am pretty sure I’ve never heard of her….but everyone kind of blends into each other with all the shitty TV shows being made…I can’t keep track…

Maybe if I had kids who forced me to watch this nonsense, but more importantly forced me to hate my fucking life….I would zone in on the cute girl on the show for my sexual fantasies since porn becomes something I can sneak in the bathroom for 3 minutes before my wife and horrible children start bugging me…leading me to my car…where I’d end up getting arrested because I live next to a school….so it’s just easier to make these teen stars who are actually in their 20s my foreplay…

Either way, this is from her snapchat…

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Daniella Monet is Steppin’ Up to the Instagram Gates of the Day

Daniella Monet is the supporting actress on the Nickelodeon hit Victorious….If you’re not a total fucking pervert who watches Nickelodeon, or a father of tween girls who is forced to watch Victorious, you probably don’t know who she is and you have probably not masturbated to her because anything is better than having sex with your wife….

Well, she’s 24, she’s a vegan, she’s got a very G-Rated career, but like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez….that shit’s starting to turn south, in a good way….cuz selfies in workout cloths, like sports bras are the gateway to nudes, and nudes are the gateway to more “adult roles”….and more adult roles means threesomes in Spring Breakers….so let’s all encourage her to get to where she needs to be….fuck Nickelodeon, get naked, you big faced angel.

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Daniella Monet’s Mermaid Costume of the Day

Daniella Monet is some chubby 23 year old who has been in a lot of horrible movies…you know the kind of movies that come on TV late night and you’re too lazy to stab yourself in your ears and/or eyes to make the pain stop…so you watch it and end up getting sucked into the story, even if the acting, writing, and everything about it is shit….she’s also been on some TV shows and the world is her fucking oyster…and here she is posting pics of herself in the most inconvenient Halloween costume, unless you have a handler and a massive aquarium but one that is far more erotic than those ghetto “sexy” stripper caliber costumes all the other bitches are wearing….especially when mermaids are porn to you.

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