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Debra Messing Ginger Swimsuit Titty of the Day

You know, the last celebrity I want to see in a bikini is probably Debra Messing, because as far as I’m concerned, Debra Messing is hardly a celebrity….because unlike you faggots, I didn’t watch Will and Grace, then or now, because I don’t need stereotypical gay sitcoms mooching off homosexuality, with this bitch being the best Fag Hag…are they still called that…or has “Gay Bestie” taken the place…because Fag, despite being an amazing word, that we all know what it means, like CUNT, is beyond effective and getting that message accross…and even the fags I know are fine with being called fags…because I only deal with old timey gays who paved the way for this weirdness..

What weirdness you ask…well, I was looking for clips for stepSMUT, and got baited by a monster energy can in the asshole of a waxed butthole…only to pull out the camera….for us to see the balls…

So motherfuckers are no longer gay, they are women with dicks fucking energy drinks….because of that whole slippery slope..

Long gone are the TRUCK STOP gay hook-ups…..and turning the kids gay before they even know what gay is…you know “teacher says gay is when boys like boys, well I like my friend Kyle, and I want to be with him always, we play so many sports and have so many jokes, therefore I must be gay according to teacher”….when kids don’t have those instincts obviously…so confusing them is a great fucking strategy…if you are fucking evil.

Anyway, Messing, in swimsuit, rich as shit from mediocre acting…that a handful of fanboys who think she’s the hottest shit..and she’s not even showing any of her old lady ass….


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Debra Messing in a Bikini of the Day

Debra Messing was a one-hit wonder in the TV sitcom world, she was just lucky enough that her one-hit happened to be a huge fucking show where she made stupid fucking money. She played some fag hag on Will & Grace and I fucking hate fag hags whether they are legit in real life or just characters on a horrible TV show that should have never been made, mainly because fag hags are ugly sluts, and try to act “fabulous” and “luxurious” and bitchy because they think that is what they are supposed to do cuz that’s how gay guys act, despite the fact that real men don’t like their girls to be fags and if they did they would probably also be fags and that’s why fag hags always stay single and rely on their fag to cry to about how all the good men are married or gay….cunts…

That said, her old body is in a bikini top and there’s nothing exciting about this, but that’s cuz there’s nothing exciting about Debra Messing….except maybe her name cuz it reminds me of cumming on clean panties and messing them up..but that’s pretty unrelated to these pics…

Pics via Fame

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