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Tommy Hilfiger’s Billion Dollar Legs of the Day

Tommy Hilfiger is worth more than a billion dollars, so it is safe to say that money, success in the fashion world, even fame, had everything to do with him leaving the event with legs on a slut like this….that’s not to say this old weathered bitch is anything exciting, but she’s better than the old weather bitches I see walking around my neighborhood, because those weathered bitches didn’t have the drive or ambition to date billionaires….

I thought fashion designers were supposed to be gay…not supposed to fuck the models.not tha this is a model….but you get what I’m saying…and that is-why is her dress is showing off all of her leg, but not flashing any vagina, there’s a flaw in design hilfiger. Get on it.

The whole thing is confusing to me and why is she so shy? Is she embarrassed by him? Or does she have bad Botox, who is she again? I’ll post the pics anyway…but I need answers damnit….

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