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I am – Adam Brody’s Cocaine Foot Fetish Deleted Scene in The Ten of the Day

Here’s a video from The Ten Movie . Since they are the first mainstream company to risk their jobs by putting an ad on the site, I figured I’d throw this up, even if posting deleted scenes from movies starring the dude from the OC who slammed Rachel Bilson in real life isn’t really my thing.

Either way, it’s a deleted scene of him at some cocaine party telling hot chicks that they are fat while trying to get them to let him rip lines off them. It kinda reminds me of my night last night, except instead of cocaine, I was using powdered sugar, because my wife loves sweets and because I had husband responsibilities to get drunk at home and give her some attention, while missing out on all the fun, drunk, college girls who are on Christmas break. But you gotta do what you gotta do especially when that thing pays the rent.

The Audio is off and I don’t know why and I am not about to figure it out, that’s just he way we do things here, it’s called being lazy. Cuddles.

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