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Delilah Parillo TITTIES of the Day

Here’s some LA Hipster model, which doesn’t really mean shit anymore, now that everyone’s a fucking hipster, it’s just the way it is, it’s mainstream…there’s either girls that look natural hippies who live in a van or those that look like plastic strippers and very little in between….

I know nothing about Delilah Parillo, but I’ve seen her tits – and so have you.

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Delilah Parillo Promotes Clothing of the DAy


Here’s a photoshoot with model Delilah Parillio for some clothing line called Mate “The Label”…

It’s not that exciting, but I follow her on instagram…so it’s like we’re friends or some shit…you know me liking her pics and her not caring because other people like her pics…and she just wants more people to like her pics…in her hipster quest to be an instagram model…leaving me feeling inadequate and alone…wondering why she doesn’t like me back, or follow me back, like I am her equal…when apparently I’m not because I’m not a famous instagram photographer or some shit…

It hurts me so much to post these pics…but not really, all these whores are interchangeable..


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Delilah Parillo By Purienne for Vogue Spain of the Day


I used to listen to a radio show called “Lovers and Other Strangers”….that was syndicated and is probably still on the radio.. hosted by this bitch named Delilah … who thought that she was channeling a message from god….where she would really preach jesus shit in reference to her advice she would give people going through a divorce or calling in to celebrate their lives…for her to answer them with condescending advice and often times play totally inappropriate songs to deal with the issues these people were going through…Like someone would call in and say their wife of 40 years cheated on them then died…and she’d play a Christina Aguilera song…it is the little things, like everything wrong in America that brings me joy…as well as tits..

So it is only natural that this Delilah, will remind me of than Delilah, and that Delilah, will remind me of love, and this Delilah, will be on the recieving end of that love, because she’s amazing looking and you’d be crazy not to love her…but that could just be me drunk on her tits talking…

All this to say, photos by Purienne and he’s good.

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