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Delta Goodrem’s Got No Upper Lip of the Day

People think my standards and expectations are too high because I rip into the physical appearance of celebrities and people I’ve never heard of but who think they are celebrities and who attend red carpet events and are guest on the Letterman show. But the truth is that I don’t know these people, so how they look is pretty much all I have to judge them with. The other truth is that I have no standards, but I can spot someone’s flaws in about a second after lookin at them. So despite wanting to fuck this Delta Goodrem bitch, who is some Australian singer I’ve never heard of, I can say that she’s got no upper lip and having no upper lip is always unattractive, because thoughts of her boney mouth bumpin teeth on my dick because it’s got no padding disgust me. It lso makes me imagine that her pussy lips being equally thin, weak and non existant and despite a weak girl being a hot girl, because they are easier to throw around, a weak pussy is just not something I’d choose in a police line-up of pussies as the one I want to get down with.

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