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Some Chick Named Demi Harman in a Bikini of the Day

I love Australians and not just for their Tim Tams. I just believe that even the rich and successful ones are a perfect level of down to earth thank to growing up amongst some of the trashiest sounding white people ever to be exiled onto an island because they are the fucking worst…

Not to mention, all the Australians I see, or look at, are party girls with rockin’ bodies, ready to bust out a bikini and live that Beach Life, only to get drunk and suck at least 1 to 4 dicks by the end of the night, all while being willing to do anything at any given time, because they are Australians and Australians are a fun loving and adventurous people…

That said, I’ve never heard of Demi Harman, but she’s in a bikini, as that is what Australians do…..

She’s on some TV Show, she’s half American…so I guess this her making her 21 year old move to Hollywood hustle…one bikini pic at a time.

I guess someone should advise her that the real ticket to the american dream is sex tapes…just ask all the pornstars who have offed themselves over the years…

Because remember for every Kim Kardashian who fucked on camera – there are 1000s of girls who fucked on cameras that are now dead due to being broken…Fascinating stats. Right.


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