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Denise Schaefer By Jeffrey Chan of the Day

I’ve never heard of Denise Schaefer but she sounds like chanukah 2014…if you know what I mean..but luckily I am not a nazi or an anti-semite and love all girls equally…in fact I historically love all Jewish girls because they have a good sense of humor, tits, and they suck dick as long as you’re not married to them…that said I guess Schaefer could also be German…and on the Nazi side of the coin…leaving us so torn while looking at these pics by Jeffrey Chan , a Canadian photographer, living the dream…because he gets to take pics of girls like Denise Schaefer …who are coincidentally girls I want to have sit on my face and smother me until I die my own Gas Chamber asphyxia….right? or is that just weird to say?

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