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Devon Lee Carlson is a Carpenter of the Day

Devon Lee Carlson is some kind of carpenter or handyman in this themed shoot using props that remind me of a late 90s shoot and that makes me happy to see…because I’ve always liked obscurity in my photoshoots, you know weird things in photoshoots, that make you wonder why there’s a half naked girl in that pic, or why there’s that prop in the pic, or why the half naked girl is with tool belt…

I don’t like seeing photoshoots on instagram where girls pose serious, like they are actual models, like they are serious in their look at the camera doing their best model impression…in lingerie…softly lit…in hotel rooms…in showers…it’s just lame as fuck

But throw some construction boots and a hard had on a bitch..and we’re in fucking business….just look at Devon Lee Carlson…whoever the fuck that is.

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