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Diana Moldovan Titties for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Apparently this Diana Moldovan is some Romanian model, who I guess got out of the family Gypsy business and became a model…because that’s the only options when you’re a Romanian…and thank god for that, because being from a poor, war torn communist country…and given a taste of the most luxurious life…you become very willing to get naked for your photographer, or really do anything he says, so that you don’t get deported and can still make you 10,000 – 100,000 dollars a day.

I’ve never heard of her, but in my defence, I’m an idiot who has no idea what’s current…or relevant…I just see tits and say to myself “this matters enough, I’m gonna post it”…is this internet journalism? Am I a hack? Or maybe I’m a prophet sent here to bring you model tits…I don’t fucking know…I just know these are the pics..

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Diana Moldovan Tits for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Her name is Diana Moldovan, she is a Romanian from 1987…which I guess was communist at the time, so it is nice that she broke free from her destiny of being a bear wrestling juggler – At least that’s the only I know Romania has ever really accomplished…or maybe that was Poland..I guess all the rationed toilet paper countries are pretty much the same level of circus…

That said, here she is doing Vogue Brazil…topless…

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