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Kylie Minogue Comes Prepared of the Day

I guess since the cancer scare, Kyle Minogue is ready for anything, and based on how she’s dressed it is safe to say that she knows life is a funny thing that throws all kinds of situations in your face and that there is just no way of predicting the next event or situation, at least that’s what I like to think, because with padding like that, it looks like she’s in military army, ready to drop to her knees and disarm any erection that throws itself in her face and down her throat, because these are some serious dicksucking pants, but maybe dressing for sucking dick is just a fantasy of mine and really she’s just like the crazy cancer survivor who used to hang out in the park wearing tin foil asking radom people if they had lead sheets to fight off the cancer rays in some kind of serious insanity….either way, we should all appreciate fashionable yet functional whore gear and here’s some Kylie Minogue modeling it….

Here she is in a See Through skirt at the Brit Awards, cuz I guess not having your own tits or nipples makes a bitch try harder….that’s not mean to be a joke cuz Breast Cancer is a serious issue…It’s just simple psychology….

Pics via Bauer

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