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This is My New Form of Entertainment of the Day

I don’t really watch real porn. I find the shit too fucking lame, but when I came across this trailer for a porn, I couldn’t help but post it. I guess the assholes at Digital Playground don’t realize that doing these big production, shitty acting, shitty script, dramatic movies, like they were some straigth to DVD shit starring Mischa Barton and Jessica Biel, when really they are just supposed to be about the fuckin’.

I guess it’s their way of keeping shit different than what’s out there, you know big budget, big box office result kind of thinking, but this trailer blew me away, and not in a good way, because it’s almost laughable at what kind of money has gone into it, considering that it is just a fuckin’ porno.

This is how I am starting today and I don’t care if you approve.

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