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Some Italian Sports Journalist and her “Leaked” Nudes of the DAy

Her name is Diletta Leotta and she’s some pretty famous, at least according to her instagram, with over 700,000 followers…

She’s apparently some kind of sports host, that you know is hired for the homophobic Europeans to justify their erections they get when they watch soccer…

I guess she’s been hacked, something I never believe when a woman is clearly in her 30s…because I know how these narcissists on TV work, and how scandals work, and how getting more followers works, and it works through nudes…thank god for that…you know she’s gone as far as she can with her tits and sucking the right dick…and now it’s time to give back to her fans….and find more fans through nudes…none of her fans will notice because she’s no Ronaldo..

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