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Dillon Duchesne Tits of the Day

Despite popular belief – DILLON DUCHESNE – is not actually a Duchess. She’s not royalty. She’s not Megan Markle…not that anything DILLON DUCHESNE does warrants popular belief or popular opinion. She has 15k followers on social media so she barely exists. No one is thinking DILLON DUCHESNE is a Duchess.

I just wrote that because I am given very little information about the context of these photoshoots, so I automatically assume it is some gil trying to get attention, because why else would she get in front of a camera like that, average girls are insecure and hate having their pic taken, so those who are doing photoshoots they legit prep for are a little too eager, confident, narcisstic, into themselves for my liking.

With a real DEEP dive into DILLON DUCHESNE (looking at her IG, where she calls herself Dill Pickle, which is more a tribute to things she’s willing to insert for the right dollar amount on her private snap) I’ve found nothing worth mentioning. Oh right, she’s a “model” with a “agent” who does “photoshoots”….

So I can either critique the photoshoot itself, you know for being boring, I can critique society as a whole for encouraging this shit, I can try to relate to it with personal stories of photoshoots I’ve been on, or sex workers I’ve known, or I can talk about her last name in the dumbest of ways…

I guess you know which angle I went with. Lots of planning goes into each and every one of these here posts.

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