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Some Dirty Cops of the Day

I am not one of those people who really hates cops. I get that they have a relatively hard job waiting around in their cars all day for people to fuck up, run a stop sign, speed or even tend to important issues like giving tickets for throwing your cigarette butts on the street, jay walking and telling you there’s nothing you can do when you get your laptop stolen at a Starbucks 4 years ago, even though the whole thing was under video surveillance but that would mean actually working. Sure there’s the occasional rape, murder, drug shake down and the whole pulling over black people in nice cars, when they aren’t pretending to work by cruising around all night and walking into stripclubs to check if the girls are 18. You know especially when they confiscate the drugs and drug money, make the girls who are under 18 suck them off to get off, or doing other dirty things like breaking gambling machines and stealing the cash. It’s a fucking joke that the public puts their trust into high school graduates who feel underpaid and who abuse their power because power is the whole reason they became cops, so whenever videos of them doing bad things like beating up homeless people, throwing a dude out of his wheelchair or ripping off bars hit, I feel a need to post the shit to show you how crazy our society is. Enjoy.

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