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I am – Hayden Panettiere With a Dirty Old Man of the Day


Here are some pictures of recently turned 18 Hayden Panettiere with some dirty old man, unfortunately this isn’t as creepy as it was 2 days ago, because it is legal but it still made me laugh and since I am not a laugher, that’s a pretty big deal to me so here they are….

Having a site called DrunkenStepfather is pretty much a good way to attract both perverted pedophile types as well as the people who are trying to stop perverted pedophiles from being aggressors on the internet.

In the beginning I used to play on it and talk about how I want to bang my stepdaughter and how I make them show me their tits and walk around in their panties and shit. I’d link to their friend’s youtube videos of them dancing erotically and to photobucket galleries and shit all in efforts of fucking with people.

I ended up stopping when I got paranoid that the FBI were parked in a Van outside my house because they don’t have the same kind of sense of humor as I do about that kind of shit. I guess it’s because I’ve never had to deal with parents or kids who have been abducted by Internet predators. So I realized that it’s not as funny as I originally thought it was especially since I don’t want to go to jail because I don’t really know the laws and could probably get taken down for a joke that went too far and because I am not really into the whole kiddie porn scene at all, so why do the time for a crime I am not guilty of….

That said I got this email yesterday and I am convinced that it is the predator watch trying to trap me and bring me down because this kind of shit has NEVER happened to me before.

can people send in pictures of themselves?
and how old would they have to be?
thanks =]

So I answered:

What kind of pictures are you talking about?

Anything sexual in nature you gotta be 18.

Anything funny in nature you gotta be any age.

The site is aimed at an 18+ audience….

What are you thinking about sending my way?

With Love,
Jesus Martinez

And She Wrote:

I recently discovered that I like how my boobs look in pictures haha
thats what I would have sent- topless pictures
but I wont be seventeen for 8 days
its a shame, theyre nice haha

So as awesome as this is in theory, I am obviously not interested in landing these pics because I am not a criminal, but I do want any above 18 year old girls out there to take this girls lead because I love tits and by default I love pictures of tits….so send them in, stop being such a fucking prude….

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