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Disha Shmetova Nude Russian Tits and Bush of the Day

Disha Shemetova Nipples Naked Photoshoot

Disha Shmetova russian model…

This is the first time I am posting on her, which is too bad, but just be happy that we’ve come across this shoot today…because she’s hot…

You see, there’s a part of me that wishes I could spend my days posting all the instagram nude shoots being produced in a given day, you know showing you all the talent scrambling to be relevant out there, but there’s not enough time in the world, no one is submitting their photoshoots to me, it’s like I don’t even exist in their world of Instagram, where all they care about is growing their instagram, and I am not that kind of partner, I can’t help them on social media, I am anti social and no one likes me..

Also, it’d be impossible to keep track of all these women, international hookers, sex workers, aspiring models, or whatever…because everyday 1000 new girls around the world want to be a social media star, and are getting naked to do it.

I would need a team of 10 perverts managing that side of the business and I can’t even afford to pay my server!

SO…..here we are, posting the pics that rise to the top of the internet….Disha Shmetova….an angel…with some bush…and I think you can all appreciate all she has to offer tits out working on living the dream – her best life…etc.


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