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Some Wrestling Sluts Promoting Some Wrestlemania Shit of the Day

Wrestling Chicks are not hot. They are disgusting. They don’t make a real case or justify the fact that you sit at home with your buddies watching half naked dudes greased the fuck up, bumpin’ cocks with each other, in positions you wouldn’t catch me in with another man. You know you can’t drop the whole “but the chicks are hot”, because dude, they don’t look like chicks, they look like some bad fucking rendition of something that may have a vagina, but a vagina I wouldn’t really want to get to know on a personal level, and I have no fucking standards, so maybe it’s time to pack it in, slip out of that rock shirt and into a Hugo Boss suit, maybe get your hair cut at an expensive salon, and accept that you’re white trash ass is a fucking homo.

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