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Dixie D’Amelio Nipples of the Day

Dixie D’Amelio is some Tiktok girl with a more famous Tiktok sister, which means they likely did awkward dances and lip synched on some Chinese propaganda tool, or subvert weapon designed to weaken the American culture, people and society by celebrating mindless retard content in ways it should never be celebrated….making retards rich as shit and other retards wanting to act like retards to get rich as shit….

Anyway, she’s become a singer now, obviously, AI and computers do all the singing, they just need the proven to be marketable person with all the fans to get on stage and pretend, so that the tickets and merch get sold….

It’s a hustle…

Well, in being an important figure in the culture, she’s brought us some nipple, since nipples are popular to show off this season, something I can appreciate as a person who likes nipples.

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