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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife’s Stupid Fat Redneck Tits of the Day

This picture changed my fucking life.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife Has Big Tits of the Day

Florida lookin’ trash Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife has pretty big tits. Sure she’s a fat pig of a woman, but seriously, she could be a fat pig of a woman with small tits, making her almost worth jerking off to, and the real nice thing about them is that she’s given her disgusting fat tits a name “BeBe”, amazing. It is people like her who have double breastedly changed the biggest bra size in the lingerie section at Sears, or Wal Mart, where I always seem to find myself, from DD to F’s and fucking G’s and despite never really understanding my friends being all about the big tits, no matter what the rest of the body looks like, because I have a fat wife and know that any tit can’t compensate for the filth I hae to put up with, but I’d make the exception for this whore, cuz I feel like switching my sexual fantasies up as the whole hot bodied, tight teenage girls is played out….and trust me when i say, I don’t actually mean that.

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