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Heidi Montag Bent Over in a Bikini of the Day

I figured it was time to post someone a little more famous than the last two slags I threw up on here. I was at a crossroads where I could have gone either a less famous random girls I found on myspace or facebook or pictures of my wife, but figured I’d start climbing my way back up the A-list of people you assholes want to see, by starting down on the Z-List, because let’s face it, Heidi Montag in her staged reality show glory, is pretty much bottom of the fuckin’ barrel.

Here she is rockin’ a bikini on all fours so that you can fantasize about sticking it to her without having to look at her busted up face. It’s pretty obvious that these pics are as not staged as the show she’s on and the relationship she’s in because bitch is posing, unfortunately not the kind of posing I’m into…..but that’s just because she’s not spreading her box….

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